Adult Sports

Eli Campbell, Athletics Coordinator

We strongly believe our programs are ways for adults to maintain active lifestyles. The City of High Point Parks & Recreation Department offers team sporting leagues and tournaments for:

  • Summer Softball (Men's and Coed)
  • Spring and Summer 30+ Basketball (Men's)
  • 7 v 7 Flag Football (Men's)
  • Pickleball (18+)

The department will accept team registration for complete team entries only. Teams will pay a team registration fee that will cover the department's cost to include the team into the league. The fee does not include the cost of any player equipment or uniforms.

If you are an individual interesting in participating, please contact our Athletics Coordinator to get your name added to the free agent list. This can be done for no charge.


Adult Sports Roster-Waiver Form - fillable
Rained Out Information Sheet

Register for adult athletic programs below: