Community & Neighborhood Development Division (CNDD)

The Community and Neighborhood Development Division (CNDD) is charged with developing and implementing the Department’s non-housing strategies to carry out community capacity development activities that promote stronger neighborhoods. Capacity-building and technical support for neighborhood associations still remains one of the most important services provided by CNDD. Organized neighborhoods create strong neighborhoods. If you would like more information on how to organize your neighborhood, please contact our office at 336-883-3041.   

Capacity Building

All people and communities have a certain capacity or ability to function, at some level. Some are more advanced than others, but no one is completely without capacity. Community capacity building involves many aspects and considerations. Most often it refers to skills, knowledge and ability of community members but it can also include such things as: access to community resources, commitment, infrastructure, leadership and time. Most importantly, the heart of capacity building is people. If neighborhood or development groups cannot mobilize people to access resources and help people work together on a problem or issue effectively, few neighborhoods will grow and be successful. 
Capacity is simply ability to accomplish tasks to improve the quality of life in a particular community or neighborhood. Most often, it includes the following components: 

    • People who are willing to be involved, or “citizen participation”
    • Skills, knowledge, abilities
    • Inclusiveness of community diversity
    • Understanding of community history/values
    • Ability to identify and access opportunities
    • Motivation to carry out initiatives
    • Infrastructure, supportive institutions and physical resources
    • Economic and financial resources
    • Community leadership
    • Community organizing
    • Inter-organizational collaboration & social networks
    • Partnerships among organizations, constituency, funders, and “capacity builders”
    • Flexibility and use of a variety of approaches
    • Acknowledgment of new people/organization to expand energy pool
    • Good, consistent communication through exchange, transfer and understanding of information

The Division provides technical and analytical support to:

  • The Citizen's Advisory Council
  • The Neighborhood Leaders' Council
  • Neighborhood Associations and Community Watch Groups
  • Public Service Grantees

The Division also manages funds for:


  • Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Public Service grant program
  • Community Development Block Grant Coronavirus (CDGB-CV) grant program
  • Community-Based Initiatives (CBI) grant program
  • Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Program

Community and Neighborhood Development Center


The Community and Neighborhood Development Center (CNDD) is currently located at 201 Fourth Street. The facility contains a 12-station computer center; two conference rooms; staff offices; a greeting area; and kitchen facilities. The Community and Neighborhood Development Division is committed to providing community capacity programs throughout High Point. We offer assistance with establishing Neighborhood Associations and Watch Groups in addition to providing information on various community resources. Call our office at 336-883-3041 for more information.


CNDD Staff Directory

Staff Title Phone Email
Michelle V. McNair Community Resource Manager 336-883-3685
Megan Scales Community Resource Specialist 336-883-3042
Pamela Ingram Community Resource Specialist 336-883-3689