Branding High Point

Picture of a walkway and High Point Logo

What Was the Branding Project? 

This project aimed to develop a community-wide brand that supports and elevates all city organizations, entities, businesses and residents.

A brand is not simply a logo. For us, a community’s brand embodies values, principles and actions that shape a place and draw people to it. Our brand is about creating an environment where everyone is encouraged to think big, take risks, and express their creativity. By doing so, we can transform our community and inspire others to love it, too.

We’re excited to welcome you to our community, whether you’re a new resident, an outside designer or one of our fantastic partner organizations. Thank you for helping us achieve our goals and tell the world about High Point.

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The Engagement Process

The most important part of this project was engaging with the public and stakeholders to gain a deep and authentic understanding of High Point. We knew people wanted to be involved and wanted their voices to count. We took a “roll your sleeves up” approach, whether that meant walking around downtown or talking to business owners, young families, retirees, minority groups or more. We engrained ourselves in the community, and our goal was to learn what makes it tick — what are the commonalities and the differences? The more people we talked to, the better it became! What does High Point have to offer visitors? What are the issues facing High Point in the next few years? How do residents feel about living there? We found the answer to these questions through the engagement process.

Man holding a sign explaining our branding project
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The Brand Story


We are the people who know that creativity belongs to everyone – that it can’t be limited or gatekept or withheld. We are a community of designers, disruptors, builders, makers, problem solvers, innovators, connectors, and collaborators. 


We think big and we try new things and we work together, and we take risks.  We celebrate the creator in everyone, no matter what they’re creating. It could be a new bookcase or a new business or a new friendship, or a new community organization. It doesn’t matter here; it’s all creative.  And what we create in High Point changes the world.

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