Updated Development Ordinance Module 3

Updated Development Ordinance Module 3: Development Standards
This file contains the public review draft of Module 3 (PDF) of the updated Development Ordinance. This module is referred to as the "Development Standards Module" since it contains the chapters that relate to the development, design, and environmental standards in the ordinance. Specifically, this document includes the following chapters:
  • Chapter 5 - Development Standards
  • Chapter 6 - Environmental Standards
  • Chapter 7 - Subdivision Standards
  • Chapter 10 - Measurement and Definitions
The document is referred to as a "module" since it is the 3rd of 3 different groups of related chapters (or, modules) that will comprise the updated Development Ordinance. The 1st module is listed as “Module 1: Administration” and the 2nd module is listed as "Module 2: Districts and Uses" and is available for download.

Module 3, Development Standards, will be considered by the Update Advisory Committee over the coming weeks. The Advisory Committee will review the draft text and provide comments to city staff and the consulting team for further modification, as appropriate. The draft Module 3 text and the Advisory Committee comments will then be presented to the Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council in early summer 2015. The direction provided by the Planning and Zoning Commission and the City Council will then be used to develop the Public Hearing Draft version of the Development Ordinance to be prepared later this year.

Each chapter in this Development Standards Module contains a summary table of contents and a short list of the significant changes from the current Development Ordinance. There are footnotes that explain the new sections proposed in the module text as well explanations of how current regulations are modified in these draft regulations. Additional background information about the rationale behind proposed changes to the current regulations is discussed in the Code Assessment.