Long-Range Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP)

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  Formerly known as the Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP), the MTP is the official multi-modal transportation plan resulting from regional or statewide collaboration and consensus on a region’s or state’s transportation system, and serving as the defining vision for the region’s or state’s transportation systems and services. The plan addresses a 25-year planning horizon that is developed, adopted, and updated by the MPO through the metropolitan transportation planning process. 

Key Facts About the MTP

  • Major projects must be identified in the MTP along with their expected timing (by network year) and cost before receiving funding or being implemented under NCDOT’s Transportation Improvement Program.
  • Community priorities and public input are important considerations.
  • Technical analysis of future travel demand, transportation investment needs, environmental constraints, and future revenue estimates are all required components. 
    • The MTP makes recommendations about future study needs, MPO plans, and policies.
    • Transportation-air quality conformity requirements must be met before the MTP can be adopted.
    • The MPO must update the MTP every five years.

2045 MTP Cover

What It Includes 

  • Chapters detailing roadway, transit, bicycle and pedestrian, freight, and environmental elements.
  • Maps and lists of recommended future roadway, transit, and bicycle and pedestrian projects by network year.
  • Demonstration of conformity to air quality requirements.
  • Demonstration that recommends projects fit within reasonably expected future revenues.
  • Summaries of public input, MPO responses, and discussion.
  • Maps, tables, and figures summarizing technical analysis.
  • Review of known environmental constraints and demonstration of effort to minimize impacts.
  • Review of known impacts on and travel benefits to low income and minority populations.
  • Lists of recommended future studies, policies, programs, and other implementation steps.