Leave the Leaves

Congratulations to our Leave the Leaves contest winner, Karen Robinette! 

Karen won a Bee Barn that can be used by certain bees as habitat. Thank you to all who participated and we look forward to hosting this contest again in the fall of 2024!

Leave the Leaves yard photo

Leave the Leaves Contest Information

Would you like to help support pollinators? Would you like to save money? You can do both and possibly win a prize!! 

How can I help?

When you leave your leaves instead of bagging or blowing them to the road for collection, they can help support pollinators including our native bee population here in our area. By letting your leaves remain, you can create natural erosion control with the leaves providing a barrier from heavy winds an rain. Additionally, the soil receives beneficial nutrients from the organic matter. This can lead to cost savings for you on your yard maintenance and landscaping.

How do I participate in the contest?

To join in our contest all you need to do is tag Keep High Point Beautiful in your post on Facebook or Instagram to show how your are supporting pollinators by Leaving your Leaves. This contest will run until December 31st. The prize drawing will take place on January 5th and the winner will be announced on our social media pages. 

What could I win?

Our prize is a Bee Barn pictured below! Bee houses, hotels, and barns are used to help support bee populations and the pollination services they provide. According to NC State Extension Office Publications, "Bees and other animal pollinators are essential for many fruits, nuts, and berries that provide the majority of vitamins A & C in our diet. Our overall food supply would smaller, less colorful and less nutritious without bees." Solitary bees like mason bees and leaf cutter bees are popular tenants of these structures. 

If you have any additional questions or would like to speak directly with someone regarding questions about this contest, please contact Rebecca Coplin at rebecca.coplin@highpointnc.gov or call 336-883-3520.

Bee Barn Prize