Deposits / Fees

All new and existing accounts are subject to being charged an initial deposit when establishing a new location for service. Customers who live outside the City limits will pay double the inside deposit for water and sewer service.

Electric Service Deposit
  • Residential - $125
  • Non-Residential - $400
  • Restaurant/Lounge - $1,000
Sewer Service Deposit
  • Flat rate - $50

Water Service Deposit

Line Size


Line Size


3/4 x 5/8-inch $50
1-inch $100
1 1/2-inch $200
2-inch $400
3-inch $1,000
4-inch $2,500
6-inch $4,500
8-inch $6,600

Water deposit is per meter, based on the size of the line. 

Outside city limits - Customers living outside the City limits will pay double the inside water-sewer deposit. 

If a customer leaves our system owing an outstanding balance, payment of a double deposit plus the outstanding balance will be required before services are cut back on.

Customer Deposit AlternativeAny person who must pay a deposit for utility service may supply a letter of credit history demonstrating excellent credit for 12 current months with another utility.

Transferring Deposits: The City may also transfer the deposit provided for one premise to the deposit required for another premise to which the customer is moving. 

Future Deposits: Any customer whose service is involuntarily terminated for non-payment, meter tampering, or other reasons may be required to pay a deposit, or an additional deposit, before reconnection of service. 

Refunding of Deposits:

Prompt Refund: A deposit will be refunded promptly and automatically when service is voluntarily discontinued and all bills are paidAll outstanding amounts will be deducted from the deposit amount. Any remaining credit will be refunded to the customer by check or transferred to another location in the same name at the City’s discretion. After 12-24 months of excellent credit, a deposit can be refunded to an active account to be applied against outstanding bills. 

Residential and Non-residential Accounts: The City will promptly return the customer's deposit when that customer exhibits excellent credit in 12 or 24 months, depending on the service class of that customer. 

Account in Arrears: The deposit will not be refunded if the customer has another address with a past-due balance. The remaining credit on the account will be used to pay any balance remaining on the account regardless of the address location.

Fees Associated with Utility Service

Utility Service


Return check charge


Service fee (Monday - Friday)

$40 or actual cost

Service Fee (after 7 p.m. and weekends / holidays observed by the City)


Water (initial service connection)


Extra field trip fee


New electric meter charge

$75 or actual cost

Pulled meter charge (for electric and/or water)

$50 or actual cost

Damaged electric security seal charge
Meter tampering / investigation charge

New water meter charge
Actual cost of meter
Electric services disconnected at pole
Extraordinary measures to disconnect and / or reconnect services
Actual cost to city
Late payment charge
As defined on bill

All utility accounts are subject to being charged any fee as warranted.