Deposits / Fees

All new and existing accounts are subject to being charged an initial deposit when establishing a new location for service. Customers who live outside the City limits will pay double the inside deposit for water and sewer service.

Electric Service Deposit
  • Residential - $125
  • Non-Residential - $400
  • Restaurant/Lounge - $1,000
Sewer Service Deposit
  • Flat rate - $50

Water Service Deposit

Line Size


Line Size


3/4 x 5/8-inch $50
1-inch $100
1 1/2-inch $200
2-inch $400
3-inch $1,000
4-inch $2,500
6-inch $4,500
8-inch $6,600
Water deposit is per meter, based on the size of the line.

Fees Associated with Utility Service

Utility Service


Return check charge


Service fee (Monday - Friday)

$25 or actual cost

Service Fee (after 7 p.m. and weekends / holidays observed by the City)


Water (initial service connection)


Extra field trip fee


New electric meter charge

$75 or actual cost

Pulled meter charge (for electric and/or water)

$50 or actual cost

Damaged electric security seal charge
Meter tampering / investigation charge

New water meter charge
Actual cost of meter
Electric services disconnected at pole
Extraordinary measures to disconnect and / or reconnect services
Actual cost to city
Late payment charge
As defined on bill

All utility accounts are subject to being charged any fee as warranted.