About Your Utility Bill & Services

Billing Services

When comparing our utility charges to those of other communities, please remember that your City of High Point bill may include charges for several services - electricity, water, sewer, storm water, solid waste landfill and solid waste availability fee. All your services appear on one bill.

Monthly Billing

Meters are read and bills are prepared each month. Before you are billed, both manual and computer checks are made to identify unusual changes in the amount of electricity or water used. When we find such differences and suspect it might be due to a human error, we don't wait for you to call. We immediately reread your meter before your account is billed.

Estimated Bills

Occasionally, you may receive an estimated bill. This will only happen when circumstances demand it. Either the meter serving your property has stopped registering or our meter reader couldn't get to your meter for one reason or another. (For example: dog, heavy rain, snow, etc.) If your bill has been based on estimated consumption, it will be indicated on your bill. When we do have to make an estimate, we base it on your previous water and electric usage. Any error in estimating will automatically be adjusted when the meter is read the next time.

Paying Your Bill

For information about paying your City of High Point utility bill, please visit the Pay Your Utility Bill page.

Past Due Accounts

Reminder Notice

Your bill is due when you receive it and becomes delinquent 35 days after the billing date. We make every effort to give our customers a fair amount of time to pay their bills. If a customer's bill has not been paid, a reminder notice is sent. This states the amount due and a scheduled disconnect date. We also try to call to remind you.

Involuntary Disconnection of Service(s)

If we have not heard from you or have not received your payment by the close of business on the "Past Due After" date on the Reminder Notice:

  • A $5 late payment fee per address will be added to the bill.
  • A deposit may be required and your utility service(s) may be cut off.
  • If we make a trip to your address and/or cut off service(s), a $25 fee per trip will be added to your next bill.

Due Date Extension 

If you need a few more days to pay, you can easily get a due date extension. A due date extension allows City of High Point utility customers the opportunity to extend a bill’s due date, for a short period of time, to keep their utility account in good standing.  Visit Due Date Extension for more information.



If you have a question about your utility bill please call 336.883.3111, Monday - Friday, 7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m., excluding holidays. If you call outside the regular business hours and your call is not an emergency, you may call back during regular business hours for faster service.