Community Engagement Division

Introduction & Purpose

The High Point Police Departments Community Engagement Unit partners with organizations and individuals to build ongoing, permanent relationships for the purpose of applying a collective vision for the benefit of the High Point communityThe Community Engagement Unit is composed of three specialized positions: Public Information Officer (PIO), Community Outreach Officer(s), and a Special Projects Coordinator.

The Public Information Officer (PIO) - The High Point Police Department Public Information Officer (PIO) is responsible for establishing and maintaining cooperative relationships with the public as well as representatives from print and broadcast journalism. The PIO handles news releases, interview request, and social media platforms. The PIO provides information on current/critical incidents and events to the community members of High Point. The PIO also works to ensure the positive interactions and programs involving members of the police department and community partners are known to the community we serve. It is the job of the PIO to "tell the organization's story". 
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Community Outreach Officer(s) -The Community Outreach Officers act as a liaison officer between the High Point Police Department and the greater High Point community. The outreach officers serve as the lead in organizing police resources to attend community events organized by various community groups when requested in a timely fashion and approved. Officers in this position are familiar with all facets of the police department and knowledgeable enough to answer the varied assortment of questions they may be asked during community events/presentations. 

The duties of a Community Outreach Officer include but are not limited to the following:

 Arranging community events (Community Day, National Night Out, community meetings etc.), speaking engagements (educational workshops, school presentations, etc.) and projects (ride-a-long) to engage members of the community in positive interaction.

  1. Providing members of the community with methods of addressing public safety concerns, as well as nuisance concerns, affecting the quality of life in the neighborhoods.
  2. Providing support to groups such as The Boys and Girls Club, YWCA, High Point Communities Against Violence (HPCAV); neighborhood watch groups and School Resource Officers in their efforts in the community.
  3. Monitoring and moderating listserv communication ( and other appropriate methods of correspondence between the community and the police department, and establishing and maintaining active working relationships to improve police services with community stakeholders.

The Special Projects Coordinator - The Special Projects Coordinator coordinates police services for all major special events that occur within the City Limits of High Point. Some of these events include but are not limited to the bi-annual International Furniture Market, MLK Parade, Fourth of July Uncle Sam Jam, multiple 5k's and festivals, Veterans Day Parade, and the Holiday Parade. Other responsibilities include handling off-duty requests by businesses and individuals for police services. The Special Projects Coordinator communicates with many different individuals on a daily basis in person, through email, or over the phone. The Special Projects Coordinator attends meetings with department heads and the city manager to discuss city events. He or she will also be required to communicate with citizens as they inquire about off-duty or special events. 

City of High Point Special Events Policy / apply for a permit CLICK HERE