Pro Shop & Racket Stringing Service


The pro shop at Oak Hollow Tennis Center is owned and operated by Junie Chatman, Tennis Director.


Tennis balls, grips and stringing services. Cash or check only.

Racket Stringing

Junie offers a comprehensive racket stringing service for our patrons. All rackets are done on the Gamma 5800 electric stringing machine. We also regrip rackets using the very best Prince and Gamma products. Prices are subject to sales tax.
Type of String
Description Cost
Wilson NXT 16
One of the highest rated string and most used string for its play ability and comfort.
Gamma Jet 16
(comes in blue)
A textured surface for maximum ball bite, providing huge amounts of spin. Jet offers the control and feel players expect to hit punishing groundstokes. $40
Gamma Ultimate Duo
Gamma jet mains coupled with Wilson NXT crosses gives you the ultimate in durability and feel.
Gamma Synthetic Gut 16 w/ Wearguard
(comes in white)
An all-around performance string that offers notch resistant wear. Guard wear resistant fibers for extra durability. 
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