1. Cemeteries

    The mission of the Cemetery Division is to respectfully provide necessary and requested services and products to families in a cost effective manner by helping families locate plots, provide confirmation of plot ownership, and maintaining cemetery grounds.

  2. Environmental Services

    The Environmental Services Department provides the customers of High Point with quality weekly collection of household waste, yard waste and bulky items to insure a safe and livable community.

  3. Ingleside Compost Facility

    The Ingleside Compost Facility is a convenience we offer to High Point residents for disposing of yard debris.

  4. Kersey Valley Landfill

    Managing the waste our city generates is everyone’s responsibility. Preserving the environment through disposal is the mission of the Kersey Valley Landfill. We are dedicated in advancing Solid Waste solutions in an environmentally friendly way and helping our community become a national model for Solid Waste management.

  5. Material Recovery & Recycling

    The Material Recovery Facility provides the citizens of High Point with a material recovery facility that properly processes, separates, packages and ships an estimated 9,000 tons annually of co-mingled recyclables.

  6. Stormwater

    It is the mission of the Stormwater Division to provide citizens with a comprehensive stormwater management program that addresses stormwater pollution and provides timely assistance in making drainage improvements on public and private property based on eligibility and prioritized needs.

  7. Street Maintenance

    The purpose of the Street Maintenance Division is to perform preventative and routine maintenance procedures in the most efficient way possible, and to provide services that maintain the roadways and related right-of-ways of City of High Point.

  8. Wastewater

    The City of High Point wastewater divisions strive to produce the highest quality effluent that meets and exceeds Federal and State Water Quality Standards while reusing the wastewater residuals in an environmentally safe manner. It is our goal to insure the safest and cleanest water available for all downstream users and the environment.

  9. Water & Sewer Mains

    Get information regarding the programs and responsibilities of the Water and Sewer Mains Division.

  10. Water Filtration Plant

    Get information about the Water Filtration Plant.