Entering/Exiting the Bus

Entering the Bus
  • Remain at least 5 feet from the front door to allow other passengers to get on or off.
  • Make eye contact with the driver and indicate that you need the ramp.
  • Wait for the ramp to be lowered. Move forward onto the ramp, deposit your fare, and move into the bus. You can ask the driver to help if you use a manual wheelchair and the ramp is too steep.
  • Wait until the driver has raised the flip-up seats to create space for securement of your wheelchair. Back into the securement area. The driver will secure the straps and the seat belt. Make sure to lock your brakes or turn off the power on your wheelchair when instructed to so do by the driver. The driver cannot move the bus until the securement is completed.
  • Please inform the driver of your stop to help him anticipate when you may need assistance. Major stops and intersections are automatically announced. Other stops are announced by request only.
Exiting the Bus
  • To notify the driver that you wish to get off the bus, press the yellow push-button on the underside of the flip-up seats in the securement area about a block before the stop where you want off. The bell will ring, a verbal announcement will be made, and an indicator will light on the dashboard to let the driver know the ramp will need to be deployed.
  • Unlock your brakes or turn the power on your wheelchair on. The driver will unfasten the securement straps and seat belt.
  • Before moving out of the securement area make sure the aisle is clear, proceed forward, and exit using the ramp. Be sure to move at least five feet away from the ramp.
  • Your trip is complete!
  • If both wheelchair spaces are occupied, or if the bus if full to capacity and cannot accommodate another customer, you will be advised to wait for the next available bus.
For assistance with planning your trip on Transit or to request information about routes, schedules, or fares call Transit at 336-889-7433 Monday through Friday 5:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.