Dead Animal Pick-Up

How to Get Dead Animals Collected
Deceased animals are collected in 1 of 2 ways:
  • Residents may place the animal in a heavy plastic bag and place in the garbage cart for collection on the regularly scheduled collection day.
  • Residents may place the animal at the curb in a heavy, plastic bag for collection. Please call Customer Service at 336-883-3111 to schedule this special collection. The service is free, but must be called in for prompt collection with the animal placed at the curb.

It shall be unlawful to place dead animals at curbside prior to scheduling for collection by city forces. This service is provided 5 days a week during normal business hours.

 Animals Over 100 Pounds
Dead animals weighing in excess of 100 pounds shall be removed by their owner. This service only applies to regular household pets and animals (dogs, cats, birds, etc). This service does not apply to livestock, farm animals, horses, or other non-household animals.

Dead animals already in a street or on the edge of the street, when the owner is not identified, will be scheduled for collection by the city upon notification of their existence.