Commercial / Industrial Efficiency Incentives

Bids for Energy Efficiency Incentives
The City of High Point with the support of NCMPA1, is issuing Energy Efficiency Request for Proposals (RFP) to encourage the development of energy efficiency improvement projects by High Point retail electric customers. The City of High Point is offering financial incentives to these customers for such energy efficiency projects through a competitive bidding process.

Customers who choose to undertake energy efficiency projects as a result of the financial incentives awarded through this RFP process will benefit from the reduced electricity consumption and associated power bills from High Point.

Program Criteria
Participation is open to any commercial, industrial or institutional customer with a peak annual billing demand of at least 250 kW. A qualifying customer must specify the amount of incentive required to implement the project. Funding of the incentives is intended to cover a portion, but not all of the cost of an energy efficiency project.

Projects may be submitted in partnership with an equipment vendor, consultant, contractor or other third party service provider.

Energy efficiency projects that produce, in the aggregate, savings of 100,000 kWh (or more) per year will receive preference.
All kWh savings provided by an energy efficiency project must be produced in a manner that will allow High Point to measure, verify and apply the savings toward its REPS (Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard) compliance obligations under the provisions of NC Session Law 2007-397 (Senate Bill 3).

It is acceptable to aggregate energy efficiency measures at multiple facilities (all of which must receive electric service from High Point) so long as the facilities are owned by the same parent company and operated by the same corporate management.
Incentive funding available from NCMPA1 for all approved energy efficiency projects of NCMPA1's member cities during 2009 is currently limited to $250,000.

Review of Proposals
All projects will be reviewed and ranked by High Point, NCMPA1 staff and its consultants. The highest ranking proposals in all NCMPA1's member cities will be funded first until available funds are gone.

Eligibility is limited to:
  • Projects that are undertaken and installed during the calendar year period January 1, 2009 through December 31, 2009
  • Eligible energy efficiency projects must provide savings that are measurable and verifiable and may be related to projects that include, but are not limited to, high efficiency lighting, refrigeration and HVAC systems; improved building envelopes; energy management systems; variable speed drives on motors; and measures that are unique to a customer's business or physical process.
Measures that are not eligible include:
  • New construction projects
  • Used or rebuilt equipment
  • Non-cogeneration power production applications such as standby generation, fuel switching and repair/maintenance projects.
Rebates are subject to ongoing funding from NCMPA1.

Please contact Otis Foster, Major Accounts Representative, at 336-883-3139, for more information and to review the Terms and Conditions for more details about the Energy Efficiency RFP.