Extended Stay

The campground has a 21-day stay limit. Extensions beyond 14 days are permitted under certain requirements and conditions.

  • The campground has sites available for extended camping.
  • A justified reason and written documentation is provided to the Campground Manager.
  • Requests submitted are on a company or medical letterhead signed by the employer/physician and includes their contact information.
  • Approved extensions will be for a 90-day period.
  • Extensions are only permitted in sites designated by the Campground Manager.
  • No extensions are allowed one week prior and during the semi-annual furniture markets.
  • Camping fees are paid one week in advance and are not refundable.
  • Addresses can not be established and no mail will be received in the campground.
  • Campers may be required to move for site maintenance.
  • Two vehicles are allowed per campsite. Vehicle and boat storage is not permitted.
  • The Oak Hollow Campground reserves the right to revoke extensions at any time.