Trip Information

Whenever you make an appointment for a ride, you should be prepared to provide the following information:

  • The name of the individual making the trip
  • The date(s) of travel
  • The address from where to be picked up
  • Address of the destination
  • Requested pick up time or the appointment time.
  • Whether you will have a PCA and/or companion
Dial-a-Lift will assign a pick-up window for you. We request that you are ready and waiting for the van at the beginning of your pick-up window. The vehicle will not wait longer than 5 minutes for a pick up or return trip. If you do not board the vehicle within the 5 minute waiting period, you will be charged a no-show in accordance with Dial-a-Lift's no-show policy.

Scheduling Tips
Many factors can affect your travel plans. Weather conditions can cause delays in service. Medical appointments, for example, are often delayed. It is best to overestimate your travel and appointment times. Please consider any conditions that may affect your pick up and drop off times.

Please remember that Dial-A-Lift is a shared ride service and that exact pick-up and drop-off times cannot be guaranteed.

Types of Trips
Subscription trips are trips that are needed on a regular basis. Scheduled subscription trips are automatically rescheduled unless the Dial-a-Lift office is notified of a cancellation or a change. Subscription trips are not put in automatically.  Passengers must ride approximately 30 days with an acceptable history of completed trips before subscription trips are put into the scheduling system.  Subscription trips can be canceled at any time and passengers will be responsible for calling in their trips weekly.

Demand trips are trips that do no occur on a regular basis and require scheduling in advance for each trip.