Clean Air

Tomorrow, leave home without it. Just once or even twice a week, leave your car parked and get around another way. Try carpooling, taking mass transit, biking, or walking-and save a lot of money and aggravation.

You may already be following this advice-millions of Americans do every day-but you might not realize that when you do, you're doing something that reduces traffic congestion and adds up to cleaner air! In fact, every time you share a ride, you're helping to reduce emissions by almost half. Taking mass transit can do just as much. And, of course, walking, and biking are the healthiest ways to travel-for you and the environment.

There's a nationwide initiative to encourage employers to offer their employees a broad range of commuting options. It's called Best Workplaces for Commuters (BWC). In addition to saving time and money, BWC employers and employees report high rates of productivity, strong morale, and less stress trying to juggle family and work commitments. So, ask about it at work! (Visit for more information.)