Illicit Discharge

Illicit Discharge Detection & Elimination

What is an Illicit Discharge?

  • An illicit discharge or illegal discharge is any disposal, emptying, or dumping of any substance other than rainfall into the stormwater drainage system.
  • An illicit connection or illegal connection is any connection of wastewater, such as from a bathroom or washing machine into the stormwater drainage system.
  • Dumping of trash, construction debris, construction wash such as cement or grout, yard waste and food waste is considered an illegal discharge.
  • The accidental spill or leak of harmful substance is also considered an illicit discharge.
The Stormwater Services Division detects and eliminates illicit discharge whenever possible. This is done with the help of citizen reporting. If you see anything suspicious around a storm drain or waterway, please call the Customer Service line at 336-883-3111 to report. 

Examples of Illicit Discharges

How Illicit Discharges Cause Water Pollution

Rainwater that runs off hard surfaces, such as pavement and rooftops is channeled from these hard surface, through the stormwater system, and emptied into the nearest waterway. Any substances, chemicals, or debris on the ground has the potential to be picked up with the rain water. Anything that was dumped or discharged into the drain will also end up in the waterway, polluting our local waters.  

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Illicit Discharges
Typical illicit discharges include the following examples:
  • Gasoline or motor oil spills
  • Grease, Fats, and Oils
  • Paint spills
  • Soapy wash water
  • Wastewater
Call 336-883-3111 to report illicit discharges to the Stormwater Division of the City of High Point. Staff will investigate the situation and determine whether or not a violation occurred. If a violation has occurred, the City will take further actions to ensure the violation does not happen again. In addition the City will protect your confidentiality.
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