Municipal Operations

Current Activities
Stormwater Division personnel's primary responsibilities include the maintenance of the closed drainage system and open drainage channels, capital improvement projects, and NPDES Phase II Permit compliance within the City of High Point's jurisdictional limits.

Catch Basins The MS4 permit requires that the system be maintained to prevent the discharge of pollutants into receiving waters. Regular maintenance is required on catch basins and cleaning stormwater pipes to prevent the accumulation of pollutants that are later released during rain events, and to prevent blockages, backups, and flooding.

Drainage Maintenance

The City of High Point maintains stormwater drainage systems that are located in the public right-of-way, but does not maintain stormwater drainage systems located on private property. The City employs a closed drain crew as well as an open drain crew.

Drainage Inventory

The Stormwater Services Division continues to develop a GIS-based stormwater infrastructure inventory database. Maintaining an accurate and updated map of the stormwater drainage system aids in tracking and locating the source of suspected illicit discharges into our waterways.

Pollution Prevention & Good Housekeeping

 The Stormwater Services Division performs assessment and subsequent alteration of municipal operations to reduce the amount of pollution entering the storm drain system and, eventually, receiving waters.

Street Sweeping

The street sweeping program is the first line of defense in protecting waterways by keeping the stormwater collection system clean.The purpose of the street sweeping program is to keep the City of High Point’s streets clean while removing sediment and associated contaminates before they enter the stormwater system and eventually streams.