Catch Basins

Catch basins are stormwater inlets that filter out debris such as leaves and litter. They are typically located next to street curbs or within the yards of residential areas. The Stormwater Services Division operates one vactor truck for catch basin and pipe cleaning within the City of High Point. Customer calls for flooding or clogged basins are given the highest priority for maintenance. Drainage maps have been created for the catch basin cleaning crew to inspect the drainage structures and perform any needed preventive maintenance. 

Maintenance Requirements

The MS4 permit requires that the system be maintained to prevent the discharge of pollutants into receiving waters. Regular maintenance is required on catch basins and cleaning stormwater pipes to prevent the accumulation of pollutants that are later released during rain events, and to prevent blockages, backups, and flooding. Stormwater drainage system maintenance is often the last opportunity to remove pollutants before they enter into the streams and lakes. Characterizing the quantity, location, and composition of pollutants removed from catch basins provides useful data that can later be used to assess the program’s overall effectiveness, identify illicit discharges, and help the City of High Point better prioritize implementation activities.

Catch basins are inspected for structural integrity and evidence of illicit discharge during cleaning. Any fluids that have been collected during routine cleaning will be discharged to the sanitary sewer. If gross contamination (sewage or oil) has occurred, cleaning stops and is immediately reported to the supervisor for follow-up. The Stormwater Division's goal is to inspect all catch basins annually and to incorporate routine cleaning. A checklist is used for the classification of required maintenance that needs completion; which helps prioritize a new schedule for cleaning frequency. Documentation of inspections is kept on file as each catch basin is checked. Maps are produced showing areas that need to be checked on a more routine basis to prevent flooding. 

What You Can Do

  • Inform the Stormwater Division if you notice any clogged catch basins.
  • Keep leaves, limbs, and debris off of curb and gutters to prevent catch basins from being clogged.