Drainage Maintenance

Current Activities
The City of High Point maintains stormwater drainage systems that are located in the public right-of-way, but does not maintain stormwater drainage systems located on private property. However, the City does provide the Stormwater Management Improvement Program to offer assistance to private property owners that receive stormwater runoff from City property or City maintained streets. Call the City of High Point Customer Service Line at 336-883-3111 to report drainage problems.

The City will perform the following work concerning streams and ditches on private property for the purpose of improving natural stormwater drainage:
  • Clean out debris and obstructions to improve water flow.
  • Perform bank and slope stabilization.
  • Install pipe to contain flow.
Open Drainage Crew
Perform routine mowing, ditch cleaning and erosion control stabilization activities of drainage ditches, creeks, lakes and ponds, as well as sediment removal and control of nuisance aquatic weed growth.

Closed Drainage Crew
Perform inspection, maintenance, repair and construction of underground pipes, manholes, catch basins, junction boxes and headwalls, as well as deep excavations requiring the use of trench boxes.

Capital Improvement Projects
The City of High Point is working on a number of stormwater improvement projects. High Point voters approved a large scale ($15.4 million) bond referendum in November, 2004 for large-scale stormwater improvements in 7 identified flood prone areas. The construction is either ongoing or completed in all identified areas.
 Completed and continuing projects include:
  • Grimes-Taylor Stormwater Improvements
  • Forrest / Farriss Stormwater Improvements (North Hamilton-Montlieu Bond Project)
  • Hospital / W. Ray Drainage Basin Improvements
  • Charlotte Avenue Stormwater Improvements
  • Delk Drive Stormwater Improvements