Pollution Prevention & Good Housekeeping

Pollution Prevention and Good Housekeeping is the assessment and subsequent alteration of municipal operations to reduce the amount of pollution entering the storm drain system and, eventually, receiving waters. Stormwater Services Division staff inspect all city municipal facilities and conduct training with city personnel in order to ensure that all city employees are active in stormwater pollution prevention and city activities are in accordance with our NPDES permit.

This permit requirement is necessary because:
  • The City of High Point is responsible for a wide variety of land uses and activities such as roadways, parking lots, transportation and equipment garages, fueling areas, stockpiles of salt and other raw materials, waste handling and disposal, and parks maintenance. These can all be sources of stormwater pollutants.
  • If practices are not in place to contain spills, manage trash, or handle non-stormwater discharges, municipal facilities can be sources of stormwater pollutants.
  • The City of High Point is responsible for inspecting and maintaining the public right-of-way and storm drainage systems throughout the jurisdictional limits