Stormwater Billing

How Your Local Stormwater Fee is Calculated

The Stormwater Services Division is funded by a stormwater utility. Customers are billed for stormwater runoff based on the Equivalent Residential Unit (ERU). An ERU (Equivalent Residential Unit) is the average impervious surface area found on a single-family residence. Impervious surfaces are any built-upon areas, such as rooftops, sidewalks, and driveways that impede the natural infiltration of water into the soil. The impervious surface area (ISA) was calculated for residential properties throughout High Point using aerial photographs. The ERU (Equivalent Residential Unit) for High Point was determined to be 2,588 square feet.

Aerial view of a building with a high ISA

Impervious Surface Area Drawing

Current Fee Rate

  • The following stormwater fee structure has been implemented: The billing rate for 1 ERU (Equivalent Residential Unit) is $5.
  • Residential and Multifamily Properties: All residential units will be billed monthly for 1 ERU (Equivalent Residential Unit).
  • Commercial and Industrial Properties: All commercial and industrial properties will be charged based on the total amount of impervious area on a property divided by the ERU (Equivalent Residential Unit) of 2,588 square feet multiplied by $5 per month.
  • Example: 100,000 sq. ft. / 2588 sq. ft. = 38.64 ERU, 38.64 ERU X $5 per month = $193.20 per month for the stormwater utility fee.
  • Credits: If your facility is classified as commercial or industrial, you are eligible to receive up to 40% off of your Stormwater Utility fee each month. To qualify, you must have a privately-owned stormwater control device that is maintained according to the City of High Point Best Management Practices Design Manual. Properties classified as single family residential or multifamily residential are not eligible for the stormwater fee credit.

If you have any questions, please contact customer service at 336-883-3111.