Public Education & Participation

The NPDES Phase II Permit requires the City of High Point to conduct outreach activities to educate public employees, businesses, and the general public of hazards associated with illegal discharges and improper disposal of waste. Activities will focus on the reduction of pollutants at the source by educating the public and businesses about their ultimate impact on the natural environment. Prevention is more effective and less expensive than the removal and elimination of illegal discharges.
Educating residents and the business sector about proper chemical use, storage, and disposal practices will minimize unintentional pollutant discharges into the City of High Point’s storm sewer system, ponds, streams, lakes, and rivers.

Goals & Objectives 

The defined goals and objectives of the local public education and outreach program are based on three high priority, community wide issues:

  • Reduction of pollutants that discharge into the Stormwater Drainage System.
  • Promote techniques used to reduce the pollutants that enter into the Stormwater Drainage System to improve the overall water quality.
  • Reduce the amount of floatables from litter/debris.
Lenny at Creek in Armstrong Park