Our Volunteer Programs

  • Adopt-A-Stream

    Keep a waterway in High Point healthy by conducting semiannual cleanups
  • Storm Drain Marking

    Help let people know that only rain goes down the storm drain by volunteering to mark storm drains.
  • Keep High Point Beautiful

    Keeping the city clean also means keeping our waterways clean! You can sign up for one of our city-wide cleanup events.
How You Can Help to Protect Our Water Quality
Litter and debris are a serious problem for High Point watersheds. Litter and other pollutants travel from streets and parking lots through storm drains and into our local creeks. The litter accumulated in the waterways decreases water quality levels and endangers certain types of wildlife. Healthy streams, even very small ones, are an asset to our community. Streams provide our drinking water, outdoor recreation, and a beneficial habitat for our wildlife. Currently the City of High Point offers several volunteer opportunities such as the Storm Drain Marker/Stencil Program and the Adopt-A-Stream Program.