Facility Information
The High Point Museum hosts a variety of events throughout the year, ranging from business meetings to family reunions. With two different spaces available for rental, this unique venue is sure to have what you need.
Museum Facility - Education Room
Museum Facility - Lecture Gallery
Contact us for equipment list, rates/fees and availability. To view rooms or to discuss rentals call 336-885-1859 to schedule an appointment.
Rules & Guidelines
The High Point Museum, operated by the City of High Point, is available for the education and enjoyment of the public, and to protect and preserve the history of High Point for the community. The Museum buildings and collections are unique and their protection is the responsibility of the Museum staff. The use of the Museum facilities is made available to certain groups, in order to make the Museum’s programs more widely known to the public.

Meeting Purposes
Any meeting held in the Museum must be for the purposes consistent with the general objectives and goals of the Museum. These include communication of ideas, promotion of an enlightened citizenry, enrichment of personal life and the general support of educational, cultural and civic activities of the community.

Property Use
Museum property may not be used for sectarian or denominational religious programs or for political meetings, which involve specific candidates, campaigns or parties.

Museum rooms/property may be used by commercial groups, but not for commercial purposes. That is, a business may use the facility for a course in industrial safety, but not for the promotion of its products. Members of the Museum staff who are responsible for scheduling the use of the room have a right to see handout literature, materials to be exhibited and press releases.

Meeting Room Policy