Construction Site Runoff Control

The Engineering Services Department implements and enforces the City of High Point’s sediment and erosion control program in compliance with the State of North Carolina Sediment and Erosion Control program (Section 9-7-11) of the City of High Point Development Ordinance provides a regulatory mechanism for erosion and sediment control). The Erosion Control Program is responsible for reviewing and approving erosion control plans, issuing land-disturbing permits, inspecting erosion control measures, enforcing state and local erosion control ordinances, and investigating complaints from citizens concerning sedimentation.

An educational pamphlet for erosion control operators was created and is currently distributed by the Planning and Inspections Department with all building permits. To report erosion and sedimentation violations, citizens can call 336-883-3194 during normal business hours, and call The City of High Point Customer Service Line 336-883-3111 after normal business hours. All calls are documented and the information is forwarded to the erosion control inspectors for follow-up. Citizens may also access the Engineering Services Department website to report erosion and sedimentation violations.

Engineering Services will be handing out a Construction Checklist for Stormwater Best Management Practices at Construction Sites.  Following the steps outlined in this educational checklist will help ensure we are protecting our local waterways from construction activities.