About the Library

  1. Additional Service Locations

    The High Point Library has additional locations in Northpoint and the Deep River Recreation Center.

  2. Annual Report (PDF)

    Annual Report (PDF)

  3. Customer Feedback

    Please take the time to rate and tell us about your most recent library experience as we strive to make the High Point Public Library a fun, inviting and dynamic destination.

  4. Donate

    Find the form needed to make a donation to the High Point Public Library.

  5. Fees

    The High Point Public Library charges fees for several services.

  6. Foundation

    The mission of the library foundation is to enhance the life of the community by providing the resources essential for appropriate and proactive response to emerging community education needs and issues.

  7. Friends

    The Friends of the Library began in 1984 and currently acts to focus attention on the library, stimulate its use, support the development of services and programs for the community, and encourage financial contributions.

  8. High Point Farmers' Market

    HP Farmers' Market info

  9. Hours

    See what times the library and the Heritage Research Center are open.

  10. Library Cards

    Your library card is more than a piece of plastic. It's the key that unlocks a treasure chest of information and entertainment both here at the library and on the Internet.

  11. Library Plaza Project

  12. Monthly Printable Calendar

    Download a printable events calendar

  13. Museum

    The High Point Museum is a thriving, trusted community center where people come to learn about themselves and our city.

  14. Newsletters

    Read about the latest happenings at the library and museum in our monthly newsletters.

  15. Policies

    The library has put forth policies to keep the public safe and to serve its patrons in the best way possible.

  16. Strategic Plan (PDF)

    The Strategic Initiative is an effort to ensure that library services are attuned to the needs of the community and its citizens.

  17. Website Map (PDF)

    The Website Map is provided as an assistive tool while learning to use our website.