Some of the more than 37,000 objects in our collection are in need of conservation and preservation to make them ready for exhibits. We hope you will consider becoming a Preservation Partner to help underwrite the cost of the program.
2016 Adopt an Artifact
2016 Adopt-an-Artifact 
  • Table or Candlestand by Charlie Robbins
  • Portrait of Garland A. Gerran
  • Indenture/Deed

Why is Conservation Beneficial?

  • Helps with long-term preservation of artifacts through restoration or stabilization
  • Slows down deterioration so that artifacts can be exhibited and enjoyed for years to come
  • Often necessary to correct damage from use, age, or old repairs

Why Does Conservation Cost so Much?

  • Conservation is handled by a trained professional, usually specialized in a certain type of artifact
  • Needs special tools and materials
  • Requires careful photographic documentation of all steps
  • Not all repairs needed are easily visible