Water & Sewer Mains

Backflow Program
The backflow program is designed to keep harmful chemical or biological contaminants from going back into the water distribution system. The backflow program is also known as a Cross-Connection program in other city's. The public does not realize how much a cross-connection happens each day. Something as simple as filling a bucket with a water hose containing cleaning chemicals can cause contamination if a drop in pressure occurs. This causes the chemical to back up in the water line depending on how long the pressure stays low.
Cross Connector
Water Crew
Water crews set new taps on water and sewer mains for residential homes and respond to any water complaints. They also repair any water and sewer main lines. The water crews are on call for after hour emergencies including holidays.
Wastewater Crew
Wastewater crews maintain the collection system to ensure that there are no spills. The State requires the collection system to be cleaned annually. They respond to emergencies regarding overflowing cleanouts and manholes.

Mowing Crew
The mowing crew clears the City's outfall. The outfall is the City's collection line that carries wastewater to the City's wastewater treatment facilities. The outfall's need to be clear for annual inspection of the lines and manholes as well as easy access in the event of problems that may occur.