Application Evaluation

Minimum Qualifications
Each application for job opportunities is evaluated on its contents as it relates to the minimum qualifications as posted. Applications must clearly show the minimum qualifications listed on the announcement to be found eligible.

Incomplete applications may not show the minimum requirements for the job opportunity, which will result in disapproval of the application. Many factors are used to determine whether the required minimum qualifications are indicated on an application.

Supplemental Questions
Each job opportunity contains a tab marked "Supplemental Questions." If questions appear in this section, answers to the questions must be included with application. Supplemental questions may include specific job related questions needed to determine eligibility however not all job opportunities include supplemental questions.

Salary History

Please include a separate sheet from your cover letter and resume outlining your salary history; at least 5 years if applicable. This information is deemed confidential.

Dates of Employment
Employment dates (MM/DD/YYYY) is required for each employment history entry.

Job Duties
Employment application must show specific job duties to determine if the minimum qualification posted for the job opportunity has been met. It is to the applicant’s advantage to provide specific details regarding the duties performed as nothing is assumed during the evaluation.

All applications must include name of institution attended (high school, GED, college, etc.), years of attendance, and graduation date(s) (MM/DD/YYYY). Applicable education obtained from an accredited college, university or institution should be indicated on the application.  
Education completed at accredited post-secondary institutions located outside of the U.S. must be evaluated by an agency recognized by the City of High Point to perform foreign credential evaluations.

When applying for job opportunities requiring post-secondary education a copy of the U.S. equivalency evaluation must be submitted with the application. The evaluation must include a U.S. equivalency summary statement that includes the type of degree(s) earned and the degree / program major and a course-by-course listing of all courses completed including the number of credit hours and grade(s) earned for each course completed.

Applicants should consider the time needed to obtain the education evaluation, as this information must be submitted no later than the job opportunity closing date.

Licensure / Certification
Applicable licensure and certification should be included in the application. If noted on the posted job announcement, a copy of the license should be submitted with the application.