Industrial Pretreatment

The purpose of the Industrial Pretreatment Program (IPP) is to protect the wastewater plants and sewer system, protect the health and safety of the workers in the wastewater plants and sewer system, prevent violations of the NPDES permits, protect the receiving water and enhance biosolids reuse and water reclamation.


To accomplish these purposes, IPP permits, inspects, and monitors industrial dischargers as well as enforcing the applicable discharge regulations. The IPP's legal authority to implement and enforce this program derives from the City Ordinance (Sewer Use Ordinance (PDF)).


The Industrial Pretreatment Program also surveys all businesses that use water to make things. Permits are issued to some of those businesses. Permitted businesses currently include:
  • Commercial laundries
  • Food processors
  • Metal finishers
  • Producers of chemicals, plastics, and drugs
  • Textile manufacturers
Download the Permit Application.