Specialized Businesses & Industries

Businesses and facilities that use highly treated water need to ensure that water treatment includes steps to remove not only chlorine, but also chloramines. Restaurants and seafood suppliers with fish tanks, beverage manufacturers, labs, and high-tech operations are examples of businesses that should review current operations and take steps to ensure their water is treated appropriately for use.

We recommend reviewing your current chlorine removal approach to assess any needed changes to remove chloramines in time for the summer 2011 conversion. Changes in pH, temperature, or turbidity are not anticipated. Companies requiring regulatory approval for their products should start early to obtain needed approvals.

Companies who have already undergone a chloramines conversion report adding additional activated carbon canisters to their filtration systems or increasing chemical dosage helps remove chloramines. Monitoring your system before and after conversion will ensure the treated water meets your requirements.

Regional partners all urge these businesses to contact their equipment manufacturers or other suppliers for information regarding the specific changes that may be needed.