The mission of the library foundation is to enhance the life of the community by providing the resources essential for appropriate and proactive response to emerging community education needs and issues.

The purpose of the library foundation is to receive and expend tax-deductible gifts for specific short-term projects consistent with the foundation's stated mission, and to establish and administer a library endowment to fund expansion of existing library programs and services as well as new services and programs that address critical community library needs.

Needs Assessment & the Planning Process
Continuous community library needs assessment is central to the foundation's mission and purpose. The foundation will provide the support for this process to develop, implement, and complete ongoing library planning cycles.

Community Presence
A strong and meaningful presence in all geographic and socioeconomic areas of the community will continue to be a challenge as the library serves a growing and complex community from one library facility. Foundation funding can guarantee a strong and meaningful community presence for the library.

Service to Diverse Populations
Diversity resulting from ethnic, cultural, and language differences, as well as people with physical challenges is a growing challenge for our community. Foundation funding can guarantee excellent library service to diverse populations.

Cultural Opportunities That Enhance Quality of Life
Great libraries provide great programs. Foundation funding can provide excellent programs that enrich lives.

Excellent Collections
The High Point Public Library is known for its excellent collections. Foundation funding can guarantee the library continues to provide an outstanding collection of library materials.

Outstanding Library Facilities
Located in the heart of the world's furniture and design center, the library has an opportunity to make a crucial statement to visitors from here at home and from around the world about High Point. With nearly a thousand library visitors each day, at current population levels, library facilities must be replaced, refurbished, and renovated continuously. Foundation funding can guarantee the library's facility and furnishings always reflect well on our city.