1. Conditions for the Acceptance of Gifts

    To meet policy, the Library Foundation has laid out various conditions as guidelines for gift acceptance.

  2. Donor Relations

    The foundation ensures that it serves the interests of the donors who make financial gifts.

  3. Establishment of a Charitable Trust

    Policy is set regarding the establishment of charitable trusts.

  4. Internal Relationships

    The Development Committee shall develop policies and procedures relating to the organization’s financial giving program.

  5. Investment Policy

    This policy relates to the handling of investment of funds that are gifted to the library.

  6. Make a Contribution

    High Point Public Library Foundation, Inc. seeks to satisfy the charitable giving needs of all its donors and is willing to explore any alternative gift options which will satisfy those needs.

  7. Real Estate

    Gifts of real estate are subject to the same general policies governing the acceptance of other gifts.

  8. Request More Information

    Complete and submit our online form for more information on contributions.

  9. Testamentary Gifts

    High Point Public Library Foundation, Inc. shall accept testamentary gifts either made outright or through trusts.

  10. Volunteer Responsibilities

    High Point Public Library Foundation, Inc. as a volunteer charitable organization, is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors and directed by a volunteer committee structure.