City of High Point
Municipal Office Building
City Council Chambers
March 26, 2019
6:00 p.m.

Call to Order


Approval of the February 26, 2019 Meeting Minutes


Public Hearing Items


Chick-fil-A, Inc., Zoning Map Amendment 19-02

A request by Chick-fil-A, Inc. to rezone an approximate 1.3-acre parcel from a Conditional Use Retail Center (CU RC) District to a Conditional Zoning General Business (CZ GB) District.  The site is lying at the northeast corner of E. Hartley Drive and N. Main Street (2700 N. Main Street).


Wynnefield Properties, Inc., Zoning Map Amendment 19-03

A request by Wynnefield Properties, Inc. to rezone an approximate 5.8-acre parcel from a Conditional Use Office Institutional (CZ OI) District and the Residential Single Family – 3 (R-3) District to a Conditional Zoning Office Institutional (CZ OI) District.  The site is lying along the east side of Skeet Club Road, approximately 240 feet north of Fountain Grove Drive (1559 Skeet Club Road).


City of High Point, Text Amendment 19-01

A request by the Planning and Development Department to amend various sections of the City of High Point Development Ordinance regarding the following:  1) amend the rules of evidence for quasi-judicial public hearing procedures 2) standardize language and formatting among conditional zoning, planned development and zoning map amendment procedures; 3) amend development agreement review standards; 4) amend the MS district landscaping requirements; 5) clarify compliance requirements for GCO district development located at entrances to residential subdivisions; 6) change separation requirements for waste-related service uses; 7) clarify a cross access exemption; 8) clarify required plant material for parking lot perimeter landscaping; 9) correct an error regarding landscape yard type application; 10) reduce the land use intensity score for minor manufacturing and microbrewery use types; 11) correct an omission regarding standards for electronic changeable copy signs; 12) add several new features to the table that lists allowable encroachments into setbacks; and 13) modify and delete definitions.


Development Agreement

A request by Elliott Sidewalk Communities High Point, LLC to establish a Development Agreement with the City of High Point for an approximate 3.11-acre area lying west of N. Elm Street, north of W. English Street and east of N. Lindsay Street.


Director's Report