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If you are not in the seat of your bus, the parking brake must be set.  The interlock is not meant to be used as a parking brake.  The door interlock keeps the bus from moving while passengers are getting on or off. This safety feature prevents passengers from being dragged under the wheels.  If the bus loses power and/or the doors close, the interlock will not hold and the bus will roll.  

As part of your pre-trip and post-trip inspections, make sure the seat sensor is working.  Here's how to test the sensor - after releasing the parking brake, put the bus in Drive.  While holding the foot brake, slightly rise off the seat.  If you do not hear the alarm, notify maintenance and write it up on the inspection sheet.

Whenever you leave the seat of the bus, put the bus in neutral and pull the parking brake.  


As you are checking your email each week, please note that there may be more than one message that requires your attention.


Please note the updated detour for the Westchester Drive Route:

When leaving the terminal, take Hayden to English Rd.  Turn left on English Rd, right on to N Elm St., left on to Gatewood Ave, left on to Lindsay St and then right on to English Rd.


Farebox Update

We've been working continuously with the Farebox manufacturer to make changes to the programming.  In the next couple of weeks, you will receive training on the changes to address the following issues:

  • Farebox charging half-fare riders instead of taking the transfer.
  • Passengers paying multiple fares with large bills.
  • Passengers paying multiple fares with smart cards.
  • Clearing the extra money when passengers pay too much.
  • Accounting for passengers who are just a little short on the fare.



  • Please let the terminal and supervisors know as soon as possible if you are running late on your route.
  • Please do not leave the securement straps attached to the barrier throughout the day.  The straps should be retracted after each use.
  • Please let your supervisor know if your name badge is broken or extremely worn so that it can be replaced.
  • The ten (10) minutes you are given if you are taking a bus from the garage is not meant to be a paid meal or social break.  This time is provided to allow you to sign out your bus, gather any paperwork you need, pre-trip your bus, take care of any maintenance issues, and arrive at the terminal ready to depart on time.  If you need time to fix drinks/food or socialize, please arrive earlier than your schedule report time.
  • Please report to a supervisor any and all low hanging branches along your route.  We will report them to the appropriate individuals for trimming.
  • Please make sure you leave the bathroom clean when you leave.  Ensure the toilet flushes completely and wipe excess water from the countertop.  If the bathroom needs attention, please let someone on the maintenance staff know so it can be addressed as quickly as possible.
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Happy Birthday to the following individuals, who will celebrate birthdays this month.

  • Beth Barbee
  • Sacorya Spinks
  • Joyce Cox
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Do you see safety issues?  Do you wish you had a way to report these without getting on the radio or having to run down a supervisor?  Here is your safety hotline.  You can use this link to report safety issues.  This link will always be in this email.





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