Executive Team


211 S Hamilton Street
High Point, NC 27261

P.O. Box 230
High Point, NC 27261


Link: City Council Page

TDD: 711

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Logan Ford, Tasha City Manager 336.883.3283  
Ferguson, Greg Deputy City Manager 336.883.8515  
Olmedo, Eric Assistant City Manager 336-883-3018  
Dequenne, Damon Assistant City Manager 336.883.3291  
Hollis, Jeron Managing Director 336-883-8507  
Maguire, Meghan City Attorney 336.883.3303  
Briggs, David Theatre Director 336-883-3627  
Fitzjohn, Bobby CPA, NC CLGFO, Financial Services Director 336-883-3238  
Hucks, Reggie Inspections Services Director 336-883-4249  
Kirkwood, Angela Human Resources Director 336-883-3259  
Lingerfelt, Steve Information Technology Director 336-883-3286  
Reid, Thomas Fire Chief 336-883-3358  
Rogers, Kevin Fleet Director 336.883.3598  
Sizemore, Mary Library Director 336-883-3631  
Tillery, Lee Parks and Recreation Director 336-883-3473  
Dunbeck, Sandy Vernon Director of Economic Development 336.883.3116  
Stroud, Travis Chief of Police 336-887-7970  
Coble, Jeremy Customer Service Director 336.883.3178  
Stone, Robby Public Services Director 336-883-3215  
Venable, Greg Transportation Director 336-883-3310  
Nepal, Sushil Planning & Development Director 336-883-3328  
Berrier, Tyler Electric Utilities Director, Asst. 336-883-3176  
Keeney, Sandra City Clerk 336.883.3536  
Wilson, Thanena Community Development and Housing Director 336-883-3351