Why does air quality affect transportation?
Construction of wider roads reduces congestion temporarily. Once congestion is reduced with additional lanes, the roadway becomes more attractive to motorists until saturation is again reached. The addition of a project can also increase congestion on connecting roads. While congestion does contribute to pollution problems, it also serves as a means to deter added vehicle miles traveled. Thus, there is a need for transportation professionals to explore alternative forms of transportation.

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1. What types of pollution effect transportation planning for the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO)?
2. What is conformity?
3. How does conformity affect the MPO?
4. What triggers a Conformity Analysis?
5. What variables are considered when determining conformity?
6. How do emission levels determine the classification of urban areas in reference to air quality?
7. What options are available to improve air quality?
8. Why are these options necessary?
9. Why does air quality affect transportation?