When will the honorees be announced?
The kick off of our annual celebration of outstanding service will be held at the Employee Spring Fling in May. At this event, all the honorees will be named, their levels of recognition will be announced and each person’s award will be described. After the May Spring Fling, there will be a formal ceremony held at the next scheduled meeting of the High Point City Council where all the honorees will be recognized and the awards presented.

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1. What is the HONORS Program?
2. Who will qualify for this program?
3. I don’t deal with the public, so how can I qualify?
4. Who will nominate the candidates for this program?
5. When will the honorees be announced?
6. What awards could I receive?
7. How will the honorees be selected and the awards determined?
8. How will I know if I have been nominated?
9. How will the HONORS Review Committee verify nominations?
10. How can I nominate someone?