How can I nominate someone?
You can use the HONORS nomination form that is available from any city Benefit Liaison or any member of the HONORS Review Committee. You can also submit a nomination over the telephone by calling the City of High Point’s Customer Service Center at 336-883-3111. Finally, you can contact any of the members of the HONORS Review Committee and they will be happy to help you submit your nomination and help you fill out the nomination form. HONORS Nomination Form

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1. What is the HONORS Program?
2. Who will qualify for this program?
3. I don’t deal with the public, so how can I qualify?
4. Who will nominate the candidates for this program?
5. When will the honorees be announced?
6. What awards could I receive?
7. How will the honorees be selected and the awards determined?
8. How will I know if I have been nominated?
9. How will the HONORS Review Committee verify nominations?
10. How can I nominate someone?