What is an ERU and how is my stormwater fee calculated?

Residential Customers: All residential customers are charged for an average of 2,588 square feet (sq. ft.) of impervious surfaces (1 equivalent residential unit or ERU). The residential charge for 1 ERU is $4 per month.

Commercial Customers: The impervious surfaces for each property in the City are measured using aerial photography and geographical information systems technology. The amount of impervious surfaces is divided by the equivalent residential unit (ERU) of 2,588 square feet and multiplied by $4 per month.

Example: 100,000 sq. ft. / 2588 sq. ft. = 38.64 ERU || 38.64 ERU X $4 per month = $154.56 per month for the stormwater utility. Please call 336-883-3111 for more information.

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