Why have I received an orange tag?

Please check for the reason noted on the tag. Carts and other items must be placed a minimum of 3 feet away from obstructions such as trees, mailboxes, low hanging lines, vehicles, street signs, etc.  Call Customer Service at 336-883-3111 to request a call back about your orange tag and what we can do to help you better understand.

Curbside Pickup - Violation Process

-1st week: City tags as a violation to educate - tag informs resident what to do with item/items.

-2nd week: City tags again as a violation and warns of fine if not corrected by next collection date.

-3rd week: If resident has not complied, City removes pile and resident is charged $250 per load - and the fee is placed on the utility bill where applicable. If utility services are not applicable, an invoice will be sent to the property owner.

If the customer/homeowner contacts the Environmental Services supervisor and is willing to correct a violation in a timely manner, staff works with the resident without charging.

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