Can you find my location if I use my cell phone to make a 911 call?
The advancement of mobile phone technology has allowed people to use their telephones to report emergencies from nearly any location, but, unlike land line based telephones, a mobile call to 911 does not always provide enough information to obtain an exact address, particularly in very densely populated areas. People who use a mobile phone to call 911 should be prepared to provide specific information about their location to ensure that responders can find them. While the technology involved in locating a cellular / mobile phone is developing every day, it is still impossible in most cases to provide the exact address/location of a 911 caller simply from the data provided by the phone.

If you have a mobile phone with “emergency dial” features be sure to lock your keypad, or otherwise prevent accidental “pocket dialing” that can result in multiple accidental calls to 911.

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