What is the Historic Preservation Commission?
The Historic Preservation Commission is a group of at least 9 local volunteer members appointed by the City Council. It is the general responsibility of the Commission to hear requests for Certificates of Appropriateness for exterior alterations to structures and surrounding grounds as well as demolition and new construction within the designated historic districts of the City of High Point.

The Commission operates under an approved set of rules and procedures, which are available for public review. Decisions are made in accordance with Design Guidelines reflecting standards of the Secretary of the Interior, and with reputable sources such as the technical pamphlets of the National Park Service.

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1. What is the Historic Preservation Commission?
2. What items require a Certificate Of Appropriateness?
3. How do I apply for approvals?
4. Who will be notified of the hearing?
5. How does the Board reach decisions?
6. Who do I contact for further information?