What items require a Certificate Of Appropriateness?
Some requests for improvements in the historic districts can be approved by Planning Department staff as "minor works." Minor works include routine maintenance, such as replacement of shingles or pieces of siding, painting, and removing dead trees. Further information regarding minor works is available from the Planning and Development Department. Planning staff will assist owners of properties in the historic districts to determine whether the intended work is classified as "minor works," or requires review by the Historic Preservation Commission. For issues requiring review by the Commission for a Certificate of Appropriateness, Planning Department staff will furnish application forms and will schedule requests before the Commission.

The Historic Preservation Commission reviews any requests other than those classified as "minor works." Requests for Certificates of Appropriateness often involve architectural renovations or additions to major structures; landscape installations such as patios, fences, and driveways; and removals, replacements, or new construction of accessory structures such as storage buildings.

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1. What is the Historic Preservation Commission?
2. What items require a Certificate Of Appropriateness?
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