What if I see a discrepancy on my statement?
Contact Community Development and Housing Department at 336-883-3349.

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1. How often are statements mailed out?
2. When is my payment due?
3. What if I can't pay on the 1st of the month?
4. If I want to pay in person, where do I go?
5. May I make any payments by credit card or by phone?
6. Where do I mail my payment?
7. What if I see a discrepancy on my statement?
8. What should I do if I am having difficulty making my loan payment?
9. How do I get my statement sent to my new address?
10. How do I obtain payoff information if I want to pay off my loan?
11. Can my attorney get my payoff information?
12. What do I do when it is time for me to make my final payment?
13. When is the lien released?
14. Can I begin paying my loan back before my affordability period has ended?