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Kersey Valley Landfill

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Kersey Valley Landfill will be closed Friday, April 7, 2023. 

Our Mission 

 Managing the waste our city generates is everyone’s responsibility. Preserving the environment through disposal is our mission. We are dedicated in advancing Solid Waste solutions in an environmentally friendly way and helping our community become a national model for Solid Waste management. 

 Accepted Waste Types 

Monday- Friday, Commercial and Residential Use.

 Tipping Fees

 Landfill rates are $42.00/ton plus the state tax of $2/ton.

There is a minimum charge of $7.50 for Pickups, SUV’s or larger and a $2 minimum for cars.

Per FY 20/21 budget adopted June 22, 2020

Convenience Center

A convenience center is locate at the front of the facility so residents do not have to enter the landfill. We ask that you clean up any of your waste that does not make it in the dumpsters.

Unacceptable Waste

Burnt garbage, paint, tires, hazardous chemicals, liquid waste. Paint and hazardous chemicals can be disposed of at EcoFlo located in Greensboro or at one of the City of High Point HHW Events.

 No brush, limbs, leaves or bushes are accepted at this facility. These items can be taken to the Ingleside Compost Facility located at:

3001 Ingleside Drive

High Point, NC 27265

Phone: 336-883-8514

Computers, Televisions, fax machines, printers, laptops, scanners, keyboards and mice can be taken to the Material Recovery Facility located at:

5875 Riverdale Drive

Jamestown, NC 27263

Phone: 336-883-3623

Please visit the Material Recovery Facilities website for additional details. Scrap tires should be disposed of at the Guilford County Facility located at:

2138 Bishop Road

Greensboro, NC 27406

Phone: 336-294-9431

What Do I Do With...

Click here to view our guide to common items and how/where to properly dispose of them. 


When you enter the gates on East Kivett Drive please pull on the scale and the scale house operator will advise you of where to go. Once you have emptied you will return to the scales and the scale house operator will then notify you of the total owed. All vehicles must weigh in and out. If you are assisting in unloading please advise the scale house operator upon entering.