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 Public Services Department

Water Plant Operations

How Does The Water Get To You?

Most of the water we drink is pumped from City Lake and processed into treated drinking water at the Ward Water Plant on Kivett Drive.  We have a state-of-the-art treatment facility where we remove those contaminants water picks up as it is collected in our watershed.


There are four basic steps to treating water. 

First, we add alum (aluminum sulfate) to water, speeding the removal of most dirt and other larger particulate matter.  This step is known as settling.  Once completed, water is filtered to remove smaller pieces of debris and bacteria.  The water is chemically treated to kill any remaining bacteria.  Next, fluoride is added to protect teeth and chemicals to protect pipes are included.  Federal, State, and local health laws and ordinances require these additives during treatment.  Then, water is stored. Finally, it is pumped into homes and businesses around High Point and the surrounding area.

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