Snow & Ice Removal

On occasion, the City of High Point experiences inclement weather events, including snow or ice.  Depending on the forecast, city crews may apply brine to bridges, major routes, and the central business district 24 to 48 hours prior to the onset of the event. This application, if utilized, will assist the most heavily traveled roads for commuting during emergency needs. 

Major routes, classified as heavily traveled streets such as E. Hartley, W. Fairfield, MLK, Eastchester and Westchester, are given highest priority during and immediately after a storm event.  Additional attention and focus will be applied to the central business district and the hospital area.

Once the major routes have been salted or plowed and are in passable condition, the residential collector streets will be the primary focus. These streets are classified as those that carry a large volume of traffic from neighborhoods such as Brentwood, W. Ward and Skeet Club, or cut-through streets.

Finally, additional residential collectors – those streets carrying a medium volume of traffic such as Springfield, Prospect, Deep River and Old Mill - will be salted and plowed.

City trucks and equipment observed not plowing or salting are in route to their assigned location. The City utilizes three motor graders, 14 trucks with plows and spreaders, one truck with a spreader, and four brine trucks.  Depending on the event, crews work 12-hour shifts. A stockpile of 800 tons of deicing salt is stored along with a capacity of 33,100 gallons of salt brine.

The City encourages limited to no travel during an inclement weather event. If travel is necessary, extreme caution should be taken.

Thank you for your support. During an event we will work to get the streets passable as quickly as possible so all can continue with their normal scheduled activities. 

Please visit the interactive map and type your address in the search box to see which snow route is closest to your address.
Snow Plowing